Planned Maintenance

Just like our vehicles need regular service and tune ups to get the best mileage and to prevent untimely breakdowns, your heating and cooling equipment needs periodical checkups, tune ups and cleaning.

With our Service Agreements you will get:

One servicing at the beginning of the Heating Season*, on your heating system.

One service at the beginning of the Air Conditioning Season*, on your cooling system.

10% discount on parts and labor.

No overtime for after hours and emergency calls.

Priority scheduling during regular hours.

Pricing varies with system....please call for quote.

*Exact dates may vary due to weather and scheduling restrictions.
Planned Maintenance Can:
Save $ on Utilities

Save $ on Repairs

Preserve Warranty

Extend life of Equipment

Provide priority service

Give you peace of mind
Heating & Cooling tips:
Clean and replace filters
(this is a major cause of un-needed service calls.)

Draft-proof windows & doors

Pull blinds and drapes in the summer

Lower temperature by 2* in heating mode will save $$.

Raise temperature by 2* in air cond. mode will save $$.